YouTube to Use Authoritative Sources to Take Severe Measures to Stop Fake News

YouTube to Use Authoritative Sources to Take Severe Measures to Stop Fake News


YouTube officials have said that the video streaming website is taking a number of steps to make sure that news uploaded on its platform is genuine and not fake. The company is said to achieve the goal by cracking down on news organizations supporting misinformation besides identifying the misleading information. On Monday, it also said that it will give prominence to authoritative news sources, especially during a time when misinformation could spread like fire following several breaking news events. At such times, the website will display short text previews of news stories when a user searches for them. This will be followed by warnings about possible changes in the stories.

YouTube to Show Short Text Previews of News Stories Following Breaking News Events

Traditional videos may not work out in urgent cases because news agencies take time to produce and substantiate high-quality clips. Therefore, YouTube is looking to shrink the misinformation circle using text stories that could provide more accurate information in quick time. The company’s New York offices provided their podiums for the announcement of the effort. However, executives of the company only gave shadowy description of sources that the video streaming giant will consider authoritative.

According to Neal Mohan, chief product officer, the company isn’t only making an uncomplicated list of trusted news agencies, indicating that the definition of authoritative is fluid. Further, Mohan added that the company will not merely narrow down to popular sources on the video streaming website. Authoritative news stories and sources will be identified by Google’s 10,000 search quality raters or human reviewers who monitor search results across the globe.

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