Yes, Mobile Phone Is Very Essential For Senior Citizen People

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So, are you thinking about mobile phone for senior citizen people? You know they don’t need the complex feature, you are thinking the senior people need something simple and user-friendly but what? There are numerous mobile phones available and that are specially designed for elderly. Mostly all senior people appreciate the simplicity of mobile phone. Although, youngsters want latest features and smart phones so they can entertain and as well as keep in touch with their friends; senior people also want to keep in touch with their friends but they want simple and



I am sharing my experience when I was planning to buy a mobile phone for my grandfather. My grandfather, who is 62 year old and he do not want too many features and tiny buttons on a small keypad. As the growing age of my grandfather and his unstable fingers end up pressing two or more buttons at the same time so, he was not feeling comfortable with small button mobile phone.

The SOS button on the backside of the mobile phone is a major high light of the phone. When you activate the SOS button, it beeps a siren and that not only helps to alert the people surrounding you but also sends a text message to pre-saved emergency numbers in the phone directory. Following that, the phone automatically dials the number until someone receive your call. If you don’t get the answer, SMS automatically sent to those numbers as well- says director of TTfone, the company which has designed variety of phone especially for elderly.

Nowadays, technology is changing the way people communicate and manage their lives. Mobile phone for senior citizen people can do similar things as your ageing parents mobile phone does. However, I want to buy simple mobile phones for my grandfather because I am worried about his safety. With the help of mobile phone, he can protect himself as well. Additionally, simple mobile phone gives many benefits like:

Safety: He can call for assistance while in emergency or when they are outside the home.

Convenience: You and your family members can easily reach to your senior citizen people when they are in trouble.

Reminders: Mobile phone helps senior to remind the medical treatment or to take the doctor’s appointment.

Peace of Mind: If you are worried about your senior parents, you can easily contact and get in touch with them easily.


Author Bio:

Sean McCarthy works for TTfone – A leading senior-friendly mobile phone provider Company in UK. He loves write about big button mobile phones and how it is helpful to senior citizen in their daily life.