Wondershare MobileGo for Android: A Good Android App Manager

if you invested quite a good fortune to acquire one of the latest and most capable smartphones, you’d probably want to use it as often as possible. However, work ties you to using a desktop computer most of the time that you barely get to use your mobile gadget other than to make or receive calls. Thankfully there are programs like Wondershare MobileGo for Android that make it easy to manage your smartphone without having to leave your computer.

I had the pleasure of using MobileGo this past week. Admittedly, I was thrilled by the thought of putting its functions to the test. It was advertised to be capable of managing everything on Android from a PC. I actually used the Mac version so suffice it to say, “PC” in MobileGo’s website refers to “personal computer.” It means either a Mac or Windows computer. MobileGo has versions for both Mac and Windows.

Mac Controlling Android

Before anything, I’d like to state this clarification. Yes, indeed, your Mac computer can now control your Android device through MobileGo. You would likely expect Mac computers to be limited to handling only iOS devices like iPhones and iPads but it is definitely possible to make your Mac computer access the Android ecosystem using MobileGo.

Interface of the Mac version (edited to conceal private information):

Simple and Intuitive Interface

As you would notice in the screenshot of the main MobileGo window, everything appears really simple and easy to use. All the basic functions can be easily accessed from the main page. you just need on the different sections to make use of specific functions.

Quick Installation

The installation process is also quick and easy. You just have to go to the official MobileGo website to download the application. There are two download buttons for both the Windows and Mac versions: one for the free trial and other for the paid version.

The system requirements are very minimal. You only need a computer with at least a 750MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, and at least 200 MB of hard disk space. These are weak specs even for computers from five years ago. You should be able to use MobileGo even with your old XP laptop.


The following are the main features of MobileGo:

  • One-click backup creation or restoring
  • Support for file transfers between iOS, Symbian, and Android devices
  • Easy contact management through your computer
  • Data synchronization
  • Convenient multimedia (images, videos, and audio) exporting and importing
  • SD card file management
  • Screenshot capturing
  • SMS reading and sending
  • Simultaneous device management even for different devices with different operating systems
  • Simplified data transfer from one device to another
  • The ability to install Android apps through the Google Play Store
  • Wireless device control (no need for USB cable connection)

So far, everything has worked well with my tests. I am just not sure with the Symbian file transfers since I couldn’t find a Symbian phone to try.

MobileGo promises features that look way better than what free options like Airdrop and the complementary software bundled with the smartphones from different manufacturers. What I really like the most about it is the ability to manage different devices with different operating systems at the same time. This makes it easy to move the data (like contacts and messages)  of one smartphone to another, from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy SIII for instance.

I am also a big fan of the built-in Google Play Store access. This makes the installation of apps faster as you can download apps through the faster Internet connection you have on your PC. Additionally, the convenient SMS reading and sending feature (through a computer) is something you can really appreciate. With MobileGo, the only time you may need to pick your phone up is when you need to make or answer phone calls.

MobileGo indeed allows you to manage your smartphone without touching it. Whether or not it is a “life saver” (as the application’s website advertises it to be) is something only actual users can properly determine.


  • Minimalistic and very intuitive user interface
  • The ability to send your iTunes content to your Android device
  • Reliable SMS reading and sending
  • Quick backup creation and restoring
  • Free trial version
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No version for Chromebooks and devices that run Linux
  • Some Android devices may not be supported

Overall, MobileGo is a promising application for managing Android devices. It’s not free but at least it offers palpable advantages over free options. I can say it even does a better job than Samsung’s Kies and the PC Suite from Nokia. Give it a try and experience the convenient features it can offer. Click here to go to the official MobileGo website and learn more about its features and the details of obtaining it.


App Management

Backup Creation Dialog Box

Contact Management

SMS Reading and Sending

Video Management

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