Wireless Recharge for Electric Cars as Collecting Boosts in Car Racing Video Games

Wireless Recharge for Electric Cars as Collecting Boosts in Car Racing Video Games


How cool it would be if electric cars were charged with plates installed in roads instead of having to plug in? A group of engineers from the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder are trying to make this a reality, although the idea sounds like some science fiction. Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering assistant professor at CU Boulder, Khurram Afridi said that his team wants to enable charging electric cars on the go. The use of economical charging plates to transfer substantial amounts of energy to platforms in motion across larger physical distance could start powering automobiles and other bigger things, expanding beyond small consumer electronics such as cellphones.

Device Improved to Transmit Kilowatts of Power at Megahertz-scale Frequencies

A wireless power transfer’s proof of concept has been developed by the engineers over the last couple of years. According to the concept, electrical energy could be transferred at significantly high frequencies through electric fields. Afridi said that one highway lane could be dedicated for wireless charging so that any electric car in need of an energy boost could simply travel in that lane.

In a laboratory experiment, the engineering team set up metal plates separated to each other by 12 cm in parallel. While the top plates exemplify receiving plates placed inside an electric car, the bottom plates exemplify the transmitting plates within the roadway. The bottom plates were found to transmit energy after Afridi flipped a switch. There were no wires required for power transmission. At the very next instance, light bulb over the receiving plates was lit up.