Comfort and Ease of Operation Driving Demand for Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones Market

The comfort and ease of operation offered by wireless headphones is one of the key reasons behind their heightened demand and sales. has recently added a new market study to its repository, titled” Global Wireless Headphones Market: Size, Trends & Forecasts (2017-2021).”According to the report, the penetration of smart devices has stimulated the multimedia consumption on devices such as music players, smartphones, and tablets. This is driving the demand for headphones. With technological advancements, wireless headphones have been introduced for eliminating the hassle of wires and entanglement of the headphone wires. An increasing number of tech savvy consumers and music lovers today are seeking wireless headphones, fueling the growth of the global wireless headphones market.

Improvisation in sound quality and high performance are some of the areas being worked on, in order to attract more consumers and boost sales. Manufacturers are also striving to achieve attractive designs as the young generation population base, which account for major consumption, are inclined towards buying devices and items that appeal to them aesthetically. Manufacturers are also increasing the color options for their consumers. This strategy is also working and boosting sales. Some of the companies profiled in the report for the purpose of study include: Apple Inc. (Beats Electronic), Sony, Bose, and LG Electronics.

One of the other reasons fueling the growth of the wireless headphones market is the availability of online music sites. The growing adoption of iPods and MP3 players is also driving the need for headphones. The wide availability of headphones that offer enhanced experience and high sound quality for music enthusiasts is a proof of the progress that the market has made in the past few years. Wireless headphones with other features integrated such as Bluetooth connectivity and noise cancellation are in high demand. The growing demand for wireless headphones have led to manufacturers developing various wireless alternatives featuring rechargeable batteries or making them compatible with apps. All these factors have taken the global wireless headphones market to a new height.

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Apart from people demanding wireless headphones for entertainment purpose, there is also a high demand for wireless headphones from industries such as aviation and public safety. This demand will increase in the coming years, bolstering the growth of the wireless headphones. Wireless headphones with innovative features are also much in demand from sports persons. The sports industry is positively impacting the growth of the wireless headphone industry as they use these for biometric sports tracking. This includes tracking distance covered, track down the heart rate, and calories burnt during work out.

Manufacturers are compelled to develop headphones that can survive rough environment as the demand for headphones will increase from industrial applications. Wireless headphones for communication and also for hearing protecting are in demand from the industrial sector. Thus, manufacturers are striving to develop products that not only feature the basic feature of listening to music but also regulated for workplaces for hearing protection.

The report discusses the factors hampering the growth of the wireless headphones market. The high cost of wireless headphones as compared to wired headphones will be a major issue, hampering sales, in price sensitive regions. Another factor acting as an obstacle is the availability of many counterfeit products in cheap prices, which are negatively impacting the market’s growth. As a result of this, customers are losing faith and also getting confused about which product is authentic. This in turn has forced companies to protect their intellectual product rights by spending high amounts, just to stop the unauthorized distribution of copyright products.