Wireless Charging of Smartphone Now A Reality

Wireless Charging of Smartphone Now A Reality

Wireless Charging

Charging and discharging is regular routine for us and is quite a hassle as smartphones become an integral part of our lives. As important as food and water for most! Thus, the development of a device that can wirelessly charge your smartphone is sure to get most of the public drooling over this new invention, which has been created by scientists at the Stanford University in the U.S. This device can charge a moving object which is close in range. How cool is that? What is more, this technology can be used to charge electric cars on the highway or medical implants too, in the near future. This new technology can also be used for untethering robotics, which are on the move. Wireless charging can address the major drawback of limited driving range in plug-in electric cars.

 Wireless Charging Can Revolutionize Power Supply to Electric Cars

Electricity can be delivered not only to cars but also to much smaller devices in and on the human body. The wireless power transfer is based on magnetic resonance coupling. The technology used in wireless charging device is simple and is as follows: Electricity is moved through wires. This creates an oscillating magnetic field, which in turn is causing electrons in the nearby coil of wires to oscillate. Thus, power is transferred wirelessly.

 Achieving Efficiency: A Complicated Process

 Today scientists are striving to achieve a rise in the amount of electricity to be transferred. They are hoping to do so by tweaking the system and extending the transfer distance, which in turn is expected to lead to enhanced efficiency.  Professor Shanhui Fan says that there is still a long way to go and there is a need for increasing the amount of electricity being transferred by this device to charge electric cars. The two coils used need to be turned to the same magnetic resonance frequency and need to be positioned at the correct angle for achieving efficiency in transferring. However, this is a complicated process to implement on.

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