Why You Need a Desktop Computer?


In a world where tablets reign supreme, you can be forgiven for thinking this post is somewhat dated. While recent years have seen many dismiss the desktop computer as unnecessary equipment, it still remains a crucial part of both our home and work lives, as this post will explore.

Why do we need a desktop?

So, if a tablet operates just like a desktop, why do we need the latter? Surely it’s just an additional cost that we don’t need? Many people are ignorant to the benefits of using a desktop, so here are just a few:


Lightweight, mobile tablets are praised for their convenience and portability, but has anyone ever considered this as a negative? A tablet device allows users to work from anywhere and can result in many trying to work while slouched on the sofa or lounging in bed. As you’ll agree, this isn’t the best environment for enhanced productivity.

With a desktop PC, users sit upright at a stable work surface, enabling them to focus more on the task in hand rather than getting comfortable.

Multi-monitor functions

There is no denying that a tablet’s portability comes as a result of sacrificing the screen size. This can make working on the device difficult, as users struggle to navigate through programs and windows.

This problem is eliminated with desktop PCs. Not only does a large screen come as standard, there is also the option to attach a secondary monitor to make jumping between windows and programs even easier.


Tablets may have the benefit of a wealth of apps, but before you know it, your device will be lacking storage. Few tablets offer expandable memories and even less offer USB connectivity.

Desktops, on the other hand, have much greater built-in storage than tablets, which can be easily expanded through USB sticks and external hard drives.

Setting up a Desktop Computer

Of course, one of the downsides of buying a desktop computer is that you will have to set it up. While previously this involved wrestling with a seemingly endless stream of different wires, it is now relatively simple to do.

Most PC’s come with an easy to follow set-up guide, with all cables you require to get started included. However, if you’re thinking of hooking up an extra monitor, you will need to invest in some extra computer cables. Rapid have a great selection, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to source what you need.

For more information on setting up a PC, take a look at this interesting post from PC Advisor.

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