Whatsapp Comes to the Rescue in LPG Cylinder Booking Process

Whatsapp Comes to the Rescue in LPG Cylinder Booking Process


After a free liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) connection was provided to almost two and a half million people living below the poverty line, people in India will soon be able to book an LPG cylinder using Whatsapp, thanks to a new initiative by the Government of India under the leadership of Narendra Modi. The initiative is aimed at making the process of gas booking easier. Although districts in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh will be the first to benefit from this scheme, the reset of the country will eventually follow suit. Work on this scheme is currently going on with help from different gas agencies, according sources in the Indian Ministry for Petroleum and Natural Gas.

As an increasing number of people in India – even in remote villages – have access to a smartphone, making transactions via Whatsapp is likely to be an achievable task. Almost every smartphone comes installed with Whatsapp, making the job easy.

Challenges of Booking LPG Cylinder over the Phone

Liquefied petroleum gas could be booked or refilled via SMSs and the phone over the past. However, with Whatsapp stepping in, the process is sure to get easier. The response has been rather positive thus far. As of now, booking LPG cylinders was done through an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS); however, connecting dealers with this system has been an uphill task. Moreover, the number of people erroneously opting for various services instead of the one they actually wanted has been rather high owing to lack of proper education about the scheme as well as general literacy. The online booking facility has also been a failure.

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