Web Browsing on Smartphones to Get Easier with Bento

Web Browsing on Smartphones to Get Easier with Bento


While the modern day search engines have made it possible to open numerous websites fast and easy, it kind of gets difficult for the user to navigate through them, especially if they are browsing on their palm-sized smartphones with small screens. However, a new kind of web browser given shape by a group of scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can now simplify such complex searches. It can overcome the difficulty posed by conventional tabbed browsing.

The Way it Works

Called the Bento browser, it has been inspired by Japanese bento lunch boxes which are compartmentalized. It can house every search session like a workspace project that can keep a track of the highly relevant or interesting parts of web pages of visited web pages. In this manner it does away with the need to keep every site open to prevent losing information.

The projects can be stored for use later and can be even moved to various other kinds of devices. This new method of browsing does away with tab overload which hinders the usefulness of conventional browsers.

Here is how the device can sort browsing: For someone planning a trip somewhere with the help of a traditional browser, multiple tabs will have to be created for every point of interest. Besides, tabs will also have to be created for restaurants, hotels, and other activities. But with the help of Bento, people can identify useful pages, discard the unhelpful ones, and also track what they have read on each page.

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