Using WhatsApp without Internet Made Easy

Using WhatsApp without Internet Made Easy


WhatsApp without the Internet and over the phone networks’ SMS systems is the next big thing in digital communication. However, SMS alternatives that imitate the WhatsApp interface are available. Unlimited texting bundled with a number of cell phone plans are available and the ones that are similar to WhatsApp design can be chosen.

Using WhatsApp without Internet has its own advantages. Firstly, it is the easiest way to clean up the backlog of messages that can be easily missed with the overwhelming number of messages that are received on a daily basis. It also allows viewing and sorting photos and videos. The scanning of messages can be followed by creating draft messages that are sent automatically once online.

WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger enables to use WhatsApp without Internet connectivity. This set the alarm bells ringing as Bluetooth has nothing to do with Internet. The fact the app is not available in Google Play is also alarming. It utilizes the WhatsApp name sans connection to WhatsApp.

After imposing of All-in-one Downloader and misleading advertisements, WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger has proven to be the most simplistic program for messaging over short distances using Bluetooth.

ChatSim is another way to use WhatsApp without the Internet. Technically, ChatSim uses the Internet which is out of the loop. ChatSim is a roaming service that allows to use WhatsApp where network provider’s phone signal is not available. Thus, in a situation where Wi-Fi is not available and data roaming is an expensive affair, ChatSim is the best-suited solution.

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