Twitter Tests Promoted Trend Spotlight as New Advertisement Strategy

Twitter Tests Promoted Trend Spotlight as New Advertisement Strategy


Twitter is looking to up its advertising strategy by running a test where a large visual banner is placed above the Explore tab by Promoted Trend Spotlight ads along with an image or a GIF background. In order to push revenue earned from the microblogging site’s trending topics, this new advertising strategy is expected to emerge strong in the near future. As per a recent report, users will come across the banners the first couple of times they visit the site on that day. Earlier, the site used Explore in place of Moments where the former functions as the home to find about leading trends and other happening stuff.

Twitter Continues to Give Brands More High-impact Opportunities

In the list of the social media site’s most popular topics, Promoted Trends ads are observed to be carefully inserted by Twitter. The company has now made available an add-on to these existing ads in the form of Promoted Trend Spotlight ads. A spokesperson said that Twitter is continuing to find out new ways in which brands could drive awareness about their company and conversation with users through more high-impact opportunities. Furthermore, Twitter is taking continuous efforts to improve its takeover offerings.

A feed of tweets is said to open up once the user taps on ads under Promoted Trend Spotlight. Here, one of the related tweets of the advertiser will appear at the top. Twitter has gradually started to expand its user base by largely focusing on video and shifting to an algorithm timeline.

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