Trackball Market – highly reliant on the growth of overall motion device market globally

Trackball Market

Trackball is a kind of input device which is used to enter motion data into computer or other electronic device. It also serves the same purpose as like a regular mouse, but it is developed and designed with a moveable ball on its top, which can be easily rolled in any path. Instead of moving the whole mouse, by simply rolling the moveable ball on top of the trackball unit using hand or palm helps to generate motion input. The growth of trackball market is highly reliant on the growth of overall motion device market globally.

For purpose of in depth analysis, the trackball market has been segmented on the basis of product types, specifications, applications and geography. Based on the product type, the market has been segmented into two types they are like serial interfaces transmit data one bit at a time and parallel transmission transmitting multiple bits simultaneously. Based on the specifications, the market has been segmented mainly into three types they are like devices are being configured for use with only the right hand, only the left hand, or either the right or left hand. Various types of applications of trackball include application in security system, kiosk, pos, audio or video equipment among others. Moreover, this report also provide cross functional analysis of all the above mentioned segment across different regions such as  Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

Increasing demand of trackball mouse for the ergonomic advantages which gives the opportunity for safe and easy computer usage and less fatigue for performing some specific tasks is one of the major growth driver for the trackball market.Facilities like extra precision and control which enables precise and fluid movement and control of the mouse for some specific applications like pos or kiosk is also acting as a key growth driver for the trackball market. Therefore, smaller footprints and an easy usage without any requirement of flat space as compared to regular mouse is the main factor anticipated to catalyse the growing demand of different types of trackball mouse during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. In addition, controlling the trackball mouse using thumb, palm or finger does give the user option to use the mouse according to his or her convenience in turn this advantage is also anticipated to increase the demand of trackballs in the upcoming years. In turn this is also projected to affect the trackball market in a positive manner during the forecast period.

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Inspite of many driving factors, the trackball market is expected to show a shrink and fluctuation in growth rate because of its control limitations on some simple activities like cut & paste, click & drag than compared to regular mouse.  Physical limitations like the larger size of the trackball and higher cost of the device because of lack of manufacturers are the main restraining factors for the global trackball market. The growing demand for trackball mouse for certain applications like computer aided design and gaming which requires extra precision is going to create significant opportunity for trackball mouse in coming years.

By type of products, the and parallel transmission type held the largest market share because of its capability of transmitting multiple bits simultaneously and it also includes GPIB which is known as general purpose interface bus . Parallel transmission type is expected to dominate the market in coming years because of its growing usage in marine, military, medical and telecommunications applications.

Geographically, the global trackball market is mainly driven by North America region. Growing demand of trackball mouses for different applications like security system and audio & video equipment is driving the market of North America region. This region is expected to maintain its dominance in the market during the forecast period owing to the presence of higher number of trackball mouse manufacturers in country like the U.S.

Some of the leading players operating in the trackball market includes Grayhill, Inc (The U.S.),Keystone Electronics(The U.S.),3M (The U.S.) ,Storm Interface (The U.K.),Logitech (Switzerland), among others.