Toyota Designs Humanoid Robot that can Emulate Human Movements

Toyota Designs Humanoid Robot that can Emulate Human Movements


Auto giant and one of the leading companies operating in the field of robotics – the Japanese company Toyota – has recently showcased a new humanoid robot that can emulate the movements done by its user. The company says that the extremely advanced product can be used for a vast variety of activities such as disaster response and elderly care.

The robot has been named T-HR3. The company states that the robot can be controlled by a user with the use of a wearable system allowing them to operate the robot in in real-time completely by the movement of their own limbs. This robot stood out as one of the most popular products at the recently held International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo. The new robot represents the latest humanoid robots of the dozens that have been developed in the past few years, all thanks to the massive advancements in technology, especially concerning the field of artificial intelligence. 

The company is thinking about marketing the new robot especially for daily life support and home elderly care. The company also states that the robot can be used in disaster areas, workplaces, and outer space. Robot companies are focusing on the vast growth potential in Japan in the area of elderly care as the population of geriatrics is rapidly rising and labor shortage is increasingly becoming a pressing challenge as the country strictly controls immigration. 

The 5.1 feet tall robot, which weighs approximately 75 kg, has 32 joints and can do human-like movements. The robot can also achieve proper balance when doing one-legged actions. Advanced sensors in the robot allow it to detect the amount of force that can be safely exerted on a variety of objects and on humans. The user can see from the robot’s perspective with the help of a head-mounted display. The company is not immediately planning to sell the prototype and the cost of its development was also not disclosed.