Total Station Market: Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored

Total Station Market: Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored

A total station is an integrated system which includes a microprocessor, electronic data collector, and storage system and is a combination of electronic theodolite and an electronic distance meter. This electronic instrument is used for the purpose of land surveying.The main functions of a total station includeangle measurement, distance measurement, coordinate measurement, and data processing.

Total stations are used by civil engineers for topographical surveying. The application of a total station is seenin the areas of mining, mechanical and electrical construction, and meteorology. Highway and roadway management, transportation planning, and precision farming are also some of the key application areas of a total station.

Compared to a conventional surveying instrument, the total station offers advantages of high accuracy of measurement, speeds up field work, eliminates manual errors of reading and recording, and provides accurate calculation of coordinates.Modernization of tools and techniques in the surveying sector has led to the introduction of varied instruments for the purpose of surveying.Demand for fast and accurate measurements in land surveying has been a key factor in driving the growth of the total station market.

Another factor contributing to the growth of total stations is its extended application for crime scene investigation, accident reconstruction, and by insurance companies.The anticipated demand for total stations in the transportation sector is expected to drive the demand for these systems in the near future. Also, the growth of smart cities offers a huge potential for the total station market.

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The total station market faces a threat from the growing demand for GPS systems and laser scanning used for the purpose of land surveying. Advanced GPS systems and laser scanning machines offer improved accuracy of positioning information in land surveying. The availability of alternative systems to conduct land surveying effectively and accurately poses a threat to the totalstation market. The total station market is cost sensitive;thus, making them available at competitive prices is a key challenge for manufacturers of these systems.

The total station market seeks huge growth opportunity in the robotic total station sector. Anticipated demand for robotic total station in the areas of civil engineering, mining, utilities, and monitoring is expected to drive the demand for these total stations in the near future. Technological modernization and operational benefits offered by robotic total stations makes it the most preferred total station over conventional manual total stations.