Top ten Logo Design Tips Learn from our Experience

When establishing how you would like to position your brand, it’s important to think about your logo designed from Logo Designer Los Angeles. Having the right logo is significant and will help others recognize your company without even saying the name. It’s basically a representation of you and what you want to convey to your audience. Having logo design tips from a professional can make the difference between having a spectacular design and a mediocre one. Here are the top logo design tips that should help you and your designer create something memorable:

  • A logo does not have to be a symbol

This is important to know. Sometimes, words work just as well.

  • Your logo does not have to mirror your industry

Your logo should be memorable. It does not have to be an exact representation of the field you are in. Some of the most noted logos do not have any similarities to their item (ex: Nike, Mercedes).

  • Just do it

Even if you feel you don’t have any inspiration, start somewhere. You will be surprised what comes out of a serious brainstorming session, or even putting pen to paper.

  • Stay away from trends

Your logo should be timeless and the design should reflect that. Trends are for fashion and change like the wind. You want something that can last a lifetime and can be updated without compromising the integrity of the original design.

  • It’s a reciprocal process

When designing a logo for a client, include them in the process. They may not have your vision, and want something completely different than what you think may work well. Work together to come to a decision and be prepared to explain why you used certain colors and concepts.

  • Design according to the genre

Make sure your logo design is relevant based on the clientele. You don’t want cartoon characters for an attorney’s office or a serious logo for a children’s store.

  • Time yourself accordingly

As a designer, pace yourself. Logo design takes time and makes be longer than you anticipated. When working with a client, give yourself time to complete the job. If you finish before the agreed time, it looks better than delivering a late project.

  • Use black in the beginning

Designing the logo first and then adding color will save time and allow you to fully focus on the concept. Colors can completely change how a logo is presented, so having the design done in black will help tremendously.

  • Keep it simple

Having a simple design works for a number of reasons. If you need to replicate it onto banners, shirts, or other marketing collateral, a simple design does not lose the integrity due to size. A simple design also allows someone to recognize your brand quickly.

  • Be memorable

Make sure the logo has at least one concept or feature that truly makes it unique. You will have made your mark and you will also have a very satisfied client.

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