Top Apps For On-the-Go Trading And Stock Market Profits

There is no feeling better than making a couple hundred or thousand dollars of profit from opening up your mobile device and placing trades while sipping your morning latte at a coffee shop or waiting for a dental check-up. As smart phones become increasingly powerful, traders no longer have to use multiple monitors and huge trading platforms to actively participate in the markets. Thanks to the power of the modern day smart phone and the countless apps available for them, traders can trade or research stocks at will. There are numerous stock trading apps, but let’s examine a few that have made a splash in the app marketplace. 

This free application from the popular trading site allows you to instantly access all of the market news and real-time price quotes necessary to make informed trading decisions. The useful app gives you instant access to the same valuable information that has made the site a go-to source for market news and analysis.


Bloomberg is a staple in stock market research and analysis. So, why wouldn’t you want a mobile application for the site as well? The Bloomberg app provides you with instant access to stock quotes, advanced charts, portfolios, and all the useful features that you can access on the Bloomberg site.

Daily Finance

Backed by AOL Money & Finance, DailyFinance provides you with all of the latest market news you would expect from a major player in the financial information game. The useful app provides you with direct access to the latest stock market news, charts, and stock prices directly from your iPhone any time of the day or night, allowing you stay updated on the latest market movements so you can trade profitably anywhere in the world.


Provided by TD Ameritrade, the iStockManager allows you to trade your TD Ameritrade account from your iPhone or Android smart phone whenever and wherever you want. You can use the app to buy and sell stocks, add to your open positions, and access advanced trading charts and streaming stock quotes. You can use this powerful app to make money anywhere you want. The app is also available for Blackberry users, in case you have yet to part with your trusted PDA.


There may be several research apps available in the app marketplace, but there has yet to be one that measures up to the stock chart analysis functions of ChartsLive. This unique app provides you with access to all of your favorite technical indicators. The app even lets you overlay them for advanced chart analysis directly from your iPhone.

E*Trade Mobile Pro

Garnering a substantial amount of praise throughout the stock trading community, E*Trade Mobile Pro provides both members and non-members with access to detailed trading charts, a stock watch list, and streaming real-time stock quotes. Additionally, members can use the versatile app to execute live trades directly from their mobile device.

With the evolving nature of smart phone technology and the app marketplace, trading is easier than ever before. Day or night, at home or on the go, traders can now access market information and place trades without being restricted to any location. With a mobile device and an arsenal of powerful apps, traders can enter and exit the markets at ease whenever and wherever they want.

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