Top 5 TV Shows Available To Stream On Netflix, Hulu and On Demand

No matter your television preference, whether you are a cord cutter or still in love with live television and its added On Demand features, there are plenty of TV shows available to stream or tune in for easy viewing access. Whether current or in reruns, there are quality TV shows available that should not be overlooked like these top five picks worthy of addiction status or at least binge watching.

  1. SNL

An all around classic, Saturday Night Live rarely disappoints with its humorous skits and satirical take on current politics and news. Whether you watch it online or actually live, SNL has been home to some of the best comedians, including Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig as well as countless guest stars, celebrity hosts, and musical guests.

Full episodes are available on DirecTV’s On Demand channel at Most full episodes are also available on Hulu, although a couple of skits are generally removed. And Netflix has many of the classic skit compilations.

  1. Bates Motel

Steadily growing in popularity, Bates Motel is a drama thriller produced by A&E. The show is a contemporary prequel to Hitchcock’s iconic horror film PsychoBates Motel depicts the life of Norma Bates and his mother prior to Psycho’s events, showing the audience how Norman’s psyche unraveled throughout his teenage years.

The latest episodes of season 2 are available on Hulu and On Demand while season 1 is available to review on Netflix.

  1. Law & Order SVU

Focusing on the special victims unit, Law & Order SVU depicts heinous sexually related crimes and how these crimes fair in the justice system. While most episodes call for a tissue box, the show’s 15 seasons and multiple guest stars prove its success.

New episodes including the entire series are available on Hulu. New episodes including most of the series are available On Demand, and seasons 8-12 are available on Netflix with the promise of new ones coming soon.

  1. True Detective

Producing a brilliant first season, HBO’s True Detective is an anthology format, with each season featuring a different cast and story, thus ensuring a resolution of some sort within each storyline.

The first season centers on two detectives played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey who are tracking a serial killer over the span of 17 years. The episodes follow a multiple timeline format in order to put the 17-year long puzzle together in only a few episodes.

True Detective is not on either Hulu or Netflix but is available On Demand.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy

Dramatic medicine and with tragedies the characters seem to continually face, there is no denying Grey’s Anatomyis a guilty pleasure show. The show is full of tear jerking situations, laughable moments, and scenes so dramatically tragic it is almost laughable at times. However, the show has some great moments with a star studded cast and phenomenal music.

All seasons including the current season are available on Hulu. All seasons except the current season are on Netflix, and On Demand features all current episodes with a selection of other seasons.

With these new hits and classic shows, there is always something new to watch or something great to re-watch online and on TV.

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