Top 3 Free Games That Your Device Can’t Live Without

Why pay for something when you can get it for free, right? But are there still anything free in this world that’s worth our time? Absolutely! You can get a free taste of a new snack that a company is marketing; free items using some coupons; and free games on your mobile device.

Whether you’re a true blue game enthusiast or you simply play to kill time, you don’t have to spend anything to get awesome applications.

Yes, there are several free games that are not that fun to play, but there are also those that you would find engaging. I have created a list of the top free games that are worth downloading, which I want to share with you.

Candy Crush

Let’s start with this sweet app, that is not just available on mobile phones but on Facebook as well. Candy crush is truly an eye candy. And as the name suggests, you will be crushing some candies in this match 3 puzzle game. There are several stages and levels to complete that will keep you playing.

Match at least three of the same candies and they will explode. Matching more candies will give you special candies with varying abilities. Combining two special candies would remove several candies, which will help you get higher score. There are different game modes in the game including the time mode, where you need to complete a specific task at a given time; jelly mode, where you need to remove jellies using limited moves and the bomb mode, where you need to complete specific tasks without the bombs exploding.

Beware though as it can be really addicting. Do not be surprised if you find it difficult to put down your phone. You may even find yourself dreaming about those candy combinations and hearing the words “sweet” and “candy crush” when you do well in the game.

Temple Run 2

The original installment of Temple Run made it on top of the most downloaded apps list. If you loved this game, you would love its sequel even better. It has enhanced graphics, as well as more characters, locations and power-ups.

The basic game play is still the same. Run from the giant monkey and survive as long as you can to get the highest possible score. Aside from the temple, other locations include the forest and mine cart, which come with stunning view. It may sound easy but the obstacles that you could face throughout the game make it challenging to go further.

There are sharper turns that could make you fall from the bridge, instantly killing your character. Bumping on the walls, trees and other objects would knock you, slowing you down and possibly be caught by the monkey. This will also end your life. Aside from beating your friends in the leaderboard, you would feel the urge to play the game to actually beat your own score!

There’s no wonder why this game became so popular. Aside from the first installment of the app, you may also want to try the other Temple Run games that were created for the movies Brave and Oz: The Great and Powerful called Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz. However, these two are paid applications that you can get at $1.99 each.

World of Cheese

This puzzle game has a cartoon like graphics with Mr. Mousey as its main character. Help him collect cheese from different places of the house to feed his huge family. There are 35 puzzles to solve plus additional 5 more.

There are various things that you need to do on each level to get the cheese. The problem is that you are not given any hint or information on what needs to be done. The clues are the objects around you. So you must be observant to determine the right moves to make.

Every tap counts and you will be ranked based on the number of moves you made. Make several moves and you’ll get a bronze ranking. Complete a puzzle in as few moves as possible and you’ll get a gold ranking. Other levels can be completed without difficulties but higher levels can be tricky.

You have the option to restart a level or go back anytime you want, in case you wish to get a better ranking; which is something that you should expect to do on many levels. I had over 100 moves in one level still with no clue on what must be done. But you can do better than that!

Get this app now by downloading World of Cheese on App Store. Android users on the other hand can get World of Cheese on Google Play.

There you have it folks. The top 3 free games that you must have on your device. You’ll have a great time without spending a dime. So be sure to try them now!

It’s your turn!

Alright! I know you have your fair share of ideas that you’d like to talk about so please do so in the comments section below.

I hope to hear from you soon. Ciao!

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