Thinking Ahead for IIoT Change

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Market


While the Internet of Things has so far been the talk of the town, for all the pomp and circumstance, the most that the IoT concepts have been used so far are in homes. Aimed primarily at security and convenience of the homeowners, IoT devices such as Ring Doorbell, Nest, and Alexa do not really go any further from these primary roles. Which is why, from the industrial perspective, a consumer-oriented representation of technological evolution does not hold much importance. Meanwhile, the real changes to the industry are being carried on in the Industrial Internet of Things, or the IIoT realm.

Changing the Way We do Business
Innovations in the fields of machine learning, big data, and connectivity hold key points of interest for the proliferation and evolution of the IIoT field. In ways similar to how cloud computing revolutionized the world of ICT, the introduction of new and innovative IIoT devices and tools could just end up reformatting the way they work for the better.

Manufacturing to Receive Boost
The process of manufacturing, for instance, is an amalgamation of several aspects that bind together to create the product envisioned by the manufacturer. The addition of the IIoT concepts to this infrastructure could allow the manufacturers to tap into new abilities that could be the giant leap forward that they were looking for. The overall increase in production rate and efficiency of operations and raw materials usage are exemplary qualities imparted by IIoT devices.

From machine self-monitoring capabilities to a constant track on devices in use and using that data to meter the power consumption are just some of the key insights that the IIoT technologies bring to the table.