Theresa May Brings a Fresh Perspective in her as Learns From her Mistakes

Theresa May Brings a Fresh Perspective in her as Learns From her Mistakes


UK polls remained resilient despite the deadly threat of terror and the trauma of the unfortunate month that has been. With 46 million voters and a choice between Prime Minister Theresa May and Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, the nation saw voters taking up their responsibility under strict police presence. Armed guards and officers stood at polling booths after two major attacks have scarred UK in recent past. A suicide bombing took 22 lives, while three terrorists attacked pedestrians with a van and then stabbed people in London Bridge, claiming 8 lives.

May to be Inclusive in her Approaches in the Coming Two Years

Despite an appeal to stop all campaigning related activities, May said that terrorism should derail democratic processes. The formation of the new government is likely to have a severe impact on the Brexit negotiations. May asked for the election three years earlier as she views the future of Britain to be a tough one has it exits the EU. As the interest leans toward May, it will be nerve-racking to see how to Brexit drama unfolds in the coming two years.

May promises that she will be more accepting of consultations from her Cabinet among other things. She also said that using social care for campaigning purposes was incorrect. She intends to work on loosening the purse strings while spending on public services to create a better infrastructure. She also apologized for the campaigning disasters and she assured her cabinet ministers that going forth the approach would be far more inclusive.

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