The Best New Technology For Your Office

Business technology has come a long way from the days of rolodexes and enormous printer/copiers. Today’s hot new business tech takes full advantage of consumer trends to make mobility, flexibility, and functionality a key aspect of business computing and management. In order to level up your business from retro to mod, consider the possibilities inherent in the latest business technology available for your office.

Go Mobile with a Tablet

Whereas in past years your only tablet option on the market was the expensive iPad, new competitors have offered businesses a cheaper option to enable its workers to take full advantage of the benefits of mobile computing. When you and your employees can access business applications through the cloud, you’re no longer tied to your desk. Rather, with a tablet in hand you can travel to meet clients, customers, vendors, and partners while still staying connected to the databases and software you need to do your job effectively.

  • The newest iPod competitor is the Sony Tablet S, which utilizes the Google Android Honeycomb operating system. This tablet utilizes DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology that can interact with other devices over a wireless network. Need to send your Powerpoint presentation from your tablet to your conference room TV? TLNA capability precludes the necessity of jump drives or impossible cable connections and dongles – just click and play via your company’s business class DSL connection.

Create Your Own Media Network

If your office is small – in size and employee count – or you need to share media and files with your coworkers while on the road, you can create your own media network with a sharing hub like the IOGEAR MediaShair Hub. You can store your presentations, documents, and files on a drive connected to the hub, thus making the contents of the drive available to those who share your Wifi network. It can stream content to up to seven different devices, making it an inexpensive and intelligent choice for your small office’s networking needs.

  • Not only can you take the hub on the road with you to help stay connected during business trips. You can also use it to provide a personal Wifi hotspot for your gadgets and devices when the only available internet connection is through a LAN line, according to Daily Comet.

Control Your Environment Remotely

How much control do you have over your office environment? From your door locks to your thermostat, do you have to be present in the office itself in order to adjust internal temperatures or let early birds in the door? New gadgets now enable you to keep control over your environment remotely.

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat is not only programmable – it actually learns your work schedule and adjusts the office temperature accordingly. You can also adjust the temperature remotely. Since the thermostat is connected to your office Wifi, you can use an app on your mobile device to raise or lower the temperature as necessary.
  • If your office locks with a deadbolt, you can use the Lockitron to check through a smartphone app whether your door is locked or unlocked. If an employee needs to come in early or stay late, you can also use the app to let them in or lock up for them from afar.

New business gadgets and technologies give you greater flexibility and control over where, when, and how you do work. Whether your employees need to work late or from across the state, you can ensure that they have access to everything they need – from office space to online software –  to get the work done right.

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