The Best Apps For Festival Goers

Festivals are crazy and chaotic by nature, so keeping up-to-date and organized is important if you want to enjoy yourself. If you arm yourself with apps and intel, you can ensure that your festival experience is wild and adventurous at the same time as being safe. Here are just some the must-have festival apps you need:

1. Your Festival’s App

Almost all large festivals nowadays create their own app so that they can disseminate information quickly and easily. Such apps usually include maps, lists of showtimes and other useful information. Instead of needing to carry around a program, a map and a list of other information, an app allows you to keep all the relevant information in one place.

2. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is an iPhone only app, but there are several similar apps available that allow you to track the locations of your friends. Find My Friends is incredibly useful if you get lost in the crowd or you need to find another friend, as you can track their location by GPS incredibly easily. If you want to know which stage your friends are at, you no longer even need to call them over a busy network.

3. Festival Ready

Festival Ready is a multipurpose app that provides a flurry of little tools that can make the festival experience that much greater. Among the most useful items within the app is the tent marking function. When you set-up your tent, Festival Ready allows you to drop a GPS marker so that you can find your way back to it later. Very handy if you happen to be lost in a sea of tents that all look the same.

4. WhatsApp

Many people use WhatsApp as a way to avoid texting charges, but it has tons of other features that make it festival fantastic. WhatsApp allows you to share your location with friends so they can find you if you get lost, which is a neat trick for a popular app. It is also a great way of sharing snaps from the festival and getting messages through when the lines are busy or the environment is too loud.

5. Torch

If you are lacking in an actual torch, then sometimes a fake torch will have to do. There are multiple torch apps available for both iOS and Android, including the eponymous ‘Torch’, which can help you find your way in the darkness. To get maximum usefulness out of a torch app, make sure you have the brightness on your phone turned all the way up.

6. Shazam

If you are standing in the crowd and hear a song you like but don’t know the name of, then the easiest way to note the song for later is to run it through a song recognition app like Shazam. Shazam can listen to a song, and within seconds tell you the name and the artist. Shazam can be a little temperamental when confronted with live music, but it is a good app to have on standby if you need to know the name of a perfect song.

This is a guest post by part-time freelance writer and post-graduate marketing student Lilly Sheperd for Sonicbids. Lilly usually covers SEO, tech, marketing and entertainment.

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