Top 3 Opportunities for Telecommunication Industry

Top 3 Opportunities for Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry is continually transforming on account of the ongoing innovations and developments taking place consistently at a fast pace. Greater use of cloud services and visual communication tools using high speed broadband communication networks in the corporate and local government sectors is improving business efficiency.

Innovative services such as e-agriculture and e-education, Intense market competition, high investments in new telecomm technologies and demand for high speed internet are factors behind the growth of the market.

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Top 3 opportunities for telecomm industry:

Smart City: The communication is a critical piece of a smart city deployment, especially in a disaster scenario. There are many of vendors that are valued partners in the smart city ecosystem. Some of these unique capabilities such as connectivity, Nationally Scalable Blueprint and Relationships with different levels of city and municipal government sets them apart from other large solution providers. The increasing deployment of intelligent transportation systems in smart cities is likely to fuel the demand for telecommunication services.

IoT: The growing popularity of IoT that has enabled machine-to-machine communication, connecting innumerable smart devices such as air conditioners, refrigerators and the like. All this has stoked the demand in the telecommunication market. Factors such as cloud computing, increased coverage of satellites, and the development of 4G and 3G cellular networks are some other prominent growth drivers of the market for telecommunication products and services, worldwide.

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5G: With 3G having become the de-facto wireless broadband technology and 4G rapidly expanding its horizons across numerous applications and regional markets, the focus has naturally shifted on the development of the 5G technology – the next face of development across the highly dynamic broadband industry.