Technology to Reuse First and Second Rocket Stages Developed at ISRO

Technology to Reuse First and Second Rocket Stages Developed at ISRO


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is now seeking to develop the reusable RLV technology to allow for reuse of the first and second phases of a rocket in order to reduce the cost of satellites launch into space. Last Jahr, K Sivan, has disclosed the plan for a world-class propulsion technology by Indian Space Agency that will ensure cost-effective re-usable, re-startable and reliable space launches. He mentioned how no one else had yet been able to achieve second stage recovery anywhere in the world, including major private player SpaceX.

Two or more rocket stages, which contain their own engines and propellant, are used for a multi- stage rocket / stroke. The first step is at the bottom and is usually the largest stage, the second stage and the next top steps above it, which is usually small in serial or tandem staging systems. In parallel, rocket boosters are used to help launch solid or liquid rocket systems.

Tests Scheduled to Take Place in June and July

SpaceX could only apply RLT for the first phase of a rocket launch but ISRO would like to produce an advanced version, which will also go into the second phase. The test is scheduled for June through July, later in the year.

The company basically reuses its first-stop racket for several launches via reusable launch technology (RLT). It saves not only the company’s money, but also time for building a rocket. The world rocket launch market is currently dominated by SpaceX.