Virtual Reality

Researchers at MIT Develop Virtual Reality Training System for Drones

Drones need extensive training to fly around. However, training drones in a surrounding full of obstacles is an accident-prone exercise, which can translate into the need for engineers repairing or replacing vehicles on frustratingly high pace. Now, engineers at MIT have developed a novel virtual-reality training system for drones, which enables a vehicle to visualize a rich, virtual environment during its flight in an empty physical space. This system, which

Making Journalism Content Interesting Possible with Virtual Reality

As journalism touches new heights, new strategies are being implemented to make the stories more interesting. Virtual reality technology is one way by which journalists can attract more audience. However, according to researchers, this technology should be used in a limited way. This is primarily due to the stories’ credibility getting affected if virtual reality is used in high amount. A study published in the latest issue of Cyberpsychology, Behavior,

A New Software Uses Virtual Reality to Control Robots

With recent advancements robots can be controlled using virtual reality. Several improvements in their mechanism have enabled autonomous robots carry out diverse tasks by themselves. However, there still exists many circumstances where human control becomes necessary. To tackle this concern, computer scientists at the Brown University have innovated technologies enabling control and monitor of autonomous robots using virtual reality. This recent development has made it possible to control robots remotely.

Using Virtual Reality to Make Teleoperation of Robots a Reality

Recent research has demonstrated that it’s getting to be less cumbersome for the process of teleoperating robots by utilizing virtual reality. This has the point of making it less difficult for assembly line laborers to work from home. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been working around the future course of work, noticing that numerous many assembling employments require a physical nearness to work hardware. The system