Audit of Apps, a New Way of Twitter to Ensure User Safety

Twitter – the blogging site has decided to conduct an audit of app developers who use data from the online platform. The audit will start on June 19; developers must submit their apps to Twitter for the review process. Mainly the developers who use recent tweets or mention users 100,000 times/day will have to undergo this audit. Yoel Roth, Head of site integrity at Twitter, said that the goal of


The Twitter world is always buzzing with sensational stories and sometimes amazing real-time breakthroughs. However, Twitter is making headlines today for a completely different reason. Twitter is launching a new feature which lets users hide replies from other users. Earlier, Twitter allowed users to block and mute unpleasant replies in line with the company policies. However, this feature would allow other users to read hidden tweets if they chose to.

Twitter Tests Promoted Trend Spotlight as New Advertisement Strategy

Twitter is looking to up its advertising strategy by running a test where a large visual banner is placed above the Explore tab by Promoted Trend Spotlight ads along with an image or a GIF background. In order to push revenue earned from the microblogging site’s trending topics, this new advertising strategy is expected to emerge strong in the near future. As per a recent report, users will come across