New Mobile Airbag to come Handy to Save Smartphone if Dropped

While smartphones have leaped in every respect from the earliest one, preventing a smartphone from damage in the event of an accidental drop was so far not yet addressed. It takes only a moment for touchscreen phones to lose all the investment or even extend to negative if complete replacement is required, such as in iPhone, in the event of a damage. After dealing with the problem for many years

Smartphone-Compatible Gadget to be used to Get Spectral Images

Spectral images are known for having more color details which is achievable with a normal camera, uncover qualities of tissue and other organic examples that can’t be seen by the bare eye. Another cell phone-compatible gadget that is held like a pencil could make it useful to get spectral pictures of regular protests and may in the end be utilized for purpose of-mind restorative finding in remote areas. Potential utilizations

Wireless Charging of Smartphone Now A Reality

Charging and discharging is regular routine for us and is quite a hassle as smartphones become an integral part of our lives. As important as food and water for most! Thus, the development of a device that can wirelessly charge your smartphone is sure to get most of the public drooling over this new invention, which has been created by scientists at the Stanford University in the U.S. This device