Toyota’s New Robot can Play Basketball

Toyota Motor Corp.’s robot, named Cue 3, hardly misses a free throw or a 3-pointer. It showed this ratio during a demonstration at Tokyo suburb on Monday. The engineers say this ratio is worse than usual. They added that it estimates the basket in 3D using sensors and adjusts motors inside arms. Further, it uses knees to throw a ball at a right angle. These efforts by robots are very

A New Type of Robot Can Turn Soft from Rigid

A team of scientists from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have demonstrated how a structure having many layers can enable robots to copy the kinematics of an octopus which can create and eliminate joints on command. The structure created by them can enable the robots to swiftly switch their stiffness, dynamics, and damping. The findings

Robot to Entertain and Serve Coffee at a Tokyo Cafe

There is a new coffee house in the Japanese capital where robot barista brew and serve delicious coffee to customers. The robot called Sawyer who made a debut this week at Henna Cafe at Shibuya, downtown shopping and business district of Tokyo. The name of the coffee shop means “strange café” in Japanese. This single-armed robot greets customers and scans tickets that have been purchased from a vending machine. Serving

BlessU-2 – Robot Priest Offering Blessings at German Church

Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau in Germany have developed a robot priest called BlessU-2, which offers automated blessings by beaming lights from his hands and pronouncing the words. To mark the 500th year since the publication of “The Ninety-Five Theses,” which is regarded as a stepping stone for the spread of the Protestant Reformation, this unique robot was launched at the town of Wittenberg.  Robot Priest offers Blessings in