Neural Network

MIT Researchers Develop Chip that Boosts Speed of Neural Network Computations

Neural nets are extremely large and hence their computations are not practical for handheld devices as they are energy intensive. Many of the smartphones which depend on neural nets just upload the data to internet servers, which then processes this data and later sends the results back to the smartphone. Researchers from the MIT University have developed a special purpose chip that boosts the speed of neural network computations by

Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence can Design Apparel!

A team of researchers from Adobe Research and the University of California, San Diego, have displayed how neural network and artificial intelligence (AI) one day could create customized designs for apparel to assist apparel manufacturers and vendors in meet consumers’ demand and provide them with exactly what they want. Wang-Cheng Kang, the first-author and a Ph.D. (computer science) student at the University of California, stated that they have proved that