Machine Learning

New App for Narrating the Surrounding to Blind People

‘Seeing AI’ of Microsoft is an application that allows blind or limited-vision people to convert visual data into audio feedback. The company developed a very useful app by adding a new feature. Users can touch to identify the objects and people in uploaded photos. Additionally, it can describe currencies, people, texts, colors, and objects. The machine learning-based project has expertise in the object or scene recognition. In addition, it is

Researchers Introduce Software Vulnerability Detection System Using Machine Learning

A Draper and Boston University research team has used machine learning algorithms to develop a new vulnerability detection system that can operate on a large-scale. Software professionals are expected to use this development for identifying vulnerabilities in their software more efficiently. The tool helps with faster automated vulnerabilities detection for C/C++ source code, which has been encouraging results already. Techniques capable of revealing code vulnerability patterns are being developed today