LinkedIn used 18Mn Non-member Email IDs for Facebook Advertising

LinkedIn has violated some of the data protection rules by hacking around 18 million email ids and targeting them on Facebook for advertising. Data Protection Commission (DPC) in Ireland revealed this and after an investigation and published its findings in a report. Further, the investigation revealed that these 18 million Facebook users were not the members of LinkedIn. Additionally, DPC observed and made a note of all the activities during

Autofill Plugin of LinkedIn could Leak User Data

Facebook is not the only big ticket company embroiled in a data privacy issue. Now it’s LinkedIn too. A glitch in the AutoFill plugin of LinkedIn which allows one to speed up form completion may have been a gateway for hackers to gather information pertaining to name, email address, phone number, ZIP code, job profile, and company. Certain malicious sites can shift the plugin on their whole page without being