Researchers unveil Adaptive Virtual Organisms of the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world to frontiers where stuff of legends that Hollywood movies are made of, seems possible today. A team of researchers from University of Bucharest have developed something similar. They have created a virtual organism, which combines reconfigurable hardware agents, abstract intelligent thinking, and adaptive software agents. This research combines entities that have puzzled and intrigued scientists for ages. For example, psychology often aims to

How Europe’s E-Privacy Regulation will Affect IoT

It has been months since the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) has been in effect. The key objective of this law is to create effective standards for protection of data in Europe and to adapt the methods of data security into technological advances. Furthermore, the “E-Privacy Regulation” was initially likewise to come into effect as succeeding the original Directive, however it presently looks like it will probably come

Is IoT End-to-End Solution for Everything from Household Chores to Mishaps?

Technologically driven era is remarkably changing the pattern of living that have been adopted by human till date. The main drive for this change will be ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. Technology is now the driving force in almost all the sectors, where automation has influenced majorly the industrial sector. Now, the time is to inhabit automation in our homes, where everything will be interconnected justifying to the concept of smart

Researcher Invent Microchip for Tiny Smart Vision Systems and IoT

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have invented a new microchip that is capable of capturing visual data from video frames at a power consumption rate that is hard to find in any existing technology. The microchip, called EQSCALE, has been designed with the concept of energy-quality scaling in mind, meaning with the view of mitigating or adjusting the tradeoff between energy consumption patterns and the quality of

As We Ripe Benefits of IoT, Making it Child-proof is a Must

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize several sectors and we are already witnessing its presence around us. But this growing ubiquity of IoT also comes with a threat of privacy and security for youngsters. A number of innovations are currently underway that are aimed specifically at how children can explore and function with IoT connected devices while staying within privacy limits. One such privacy scheme is the creation

Connectivity Software for Building Layered Databus IoT Architectures

Seamless data sharing is often touted as one of the most crucial elements of any IoT applications. In industrial environments, especially, with the a vast range of conventional devices, processes, and operations working in tandem with the help of a variety of communications protocols, seamless data sharing takes precedence when it comes to earlier planning, designing, as well as the implementation of new products or technologies. When not managed well,

How IoT is Reinventing Smart Factories and Manufacturing

Soaring efficiencies, interfacing hardware and tools to assemble information and recover significant data, and maintain a strategic distance from spontaneous downtime on the shop floor are a large part of the practical difficulties faced by manufacturers. While the majority of them are as yet searching for approaches to increase better control over dispersed operations and dispose of repetitive procedures to cut working costs, production line computerization has taken up an

Tech Summit Reveals Blockchain Penetration in India and its Impact

The twentieth release of the Tech Summit at Bengaluru Tech sorted out by its division and BT, Government of Karnataka at Bangalore, covers every one of the parts of as of now rising and progressing innovations. One such innovation is the Blockchain, and to show the perspectives of patterns, security and appropriation were the investors from the business who have been proactive in forming it up the way it has

IoT in Logistics May Require a Complete Organizational Level Revamp

The easy to predict nodes of information are changing constantly. The assets of logistics are now becoming a kind of information system in itself. In what is known as Internet of Things (IoT), actuators and sensors integrated in physical objects, from trucks to roadways, are getting connected through wired as well as wireless networks, commonly using the same IP (Internet Protocol) that is used to connect to the Internet.  This

Bandwidth Approval for IoT Expected to Increase Usage

The commercial sector in Bangkok is expected to spruce up its technology side thanks to a new approval for bandwidth allocation for Internet of Things tech. The new technologies are expected to run at a faster 920-925 MHz, a bandwidth officially approved for IoT use by the National Telecommunications Commission of Bangkok. IoT Gateway Usage to Rise Kampol Choksuntasut, the Thailand IoT Consortium president, stated that the regulator’s approval for