Blockchain Technology Could End Dominance of FANG on Internet

FANG refers to the group of four of the most reckoned companies on the internet viz. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet’s Google. These four names have dominated the internet over the past decade and have left little room for the emergence of new companies on the internet. However, blockchain technology is expected to put an end to the streak of dominance of FANG. Blockchain technology is a database software technology

Novel Technology Enables AI to Function without Internet

A new technology is paving the path for artificial intelligence (AI) to cut loose with the cloud computing and Internet. This technology has been developed at the University of Waterloo and the software created using this technology is compact enough to perfectly fit on the mobile computer chips to be used in a wide range of products from mobile phones to industrial robots. It permits devices to function without Internet

Using WhatsApp without Internet Made Easy

WhatsApp without the Internet and over the phone networks’ SMS systems is the next big thing in digital communication. However, SMS alternatives that imitate the WhatsApp interface are available. Unlimited texting bundled with a number of cell phone plans are available and the ones that are similar to WhatsApp design can be chosen. Using WhatsApp without Internet has its own advantages. Firstly, it is the easiest way to clean up