Your Car is Easy Target for Hackers, Warn Auto Engineers

Automakers are in a race to install the latest digital gizmos in your next car. However, according to a new survey by product developers, IT professionals, and automotive engineers, your next car can be an easy target for hackers. Nearly 84% of those surveyed said that automakers are falling behind in responding to security threats. The warnings may shed light on on a real incident that happened recently. In 2015,

Fax Machines at Your Office May Be The New Target For Hackers

Scientists at Nasdaq-reported Check Point Software Technologies said that fax machines — which still live in numerous workplaces — have genuine security issues. Those vulnerabilities could possibly enable an aggressor to take touchy documents through an organization’s system utilizing only a telephone line and a fax number. The discoveries were exhibited Sunday at the Def Con programmers’ meeting. The examination exhibited vulnerabilities in the HP Officejet Pro All-in-One fax printers.

Hackers Attacked Big Technology Fish through Avast’s CCleaner Breach

As per investigation by Cisco Systems revealed late on Wednesday, Microsoft, Intel and other leading technology organizations were also affected by the hackers who hacked an important and prominent utility software in the month of August. Thi sled them to a conclusion that the impact of the breach was way too serious than anticipated by Piriform, producer of the infected CCleaner utility which is also a part of Avast Software,