Its Time to Say Goodbye to Gmail’s Inbox App

Google’s inbox app, a customized version of the Gmail app will shut down by the end of March. Google’s forgotten social network, Google plus will follow suit as well. The development is likely to cause soar moods among users. However, Google’s official announcement is not surprising. Google plus had failed to generate buzz and fallen behind quickly to its main competitor, Facebook. On the other hand, Gmail’s inbox was quite

Google Denies Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Stop Potential Abusement

In recent months, major tech firms are approaching towards the development of strong policies against facial recognition. Microsoft is leading the way on that front. They are putting stricter policies for greater regulation and requesting fellow companies to follow them. Google SVP Kent Walker confirms the company’s agreement for not selling facial recognition APIs. This action is expected to stop verbal abuse using facial recognition. Facial recognition technology is regarded

Google Introduces Innovative Technology for Journalists

Recently, Google has been coming out with a lot of innovations and new ideas to help the news industry to make use of the Artificial Intelligence. For this purpose, the company has tied up with the London School of Political Science and Economics, Polis so as to develop the project of Journalism Artificial Intelligence. This project is considered as a part of the Google News Initiative. This is likely to

Personal Touch of Google Gets Highlighted in DuckDuckGo Study

Google Chrome Help states that the users who browse use a private mode then other people who will use the device will not be able to see or track any of those activities. Chrome does not save any of the browsing history or other information entered in forms. The site data and cookies are remembered while the user is browsing; however, it will get deleted when the user exit the

Google’s Latest ‘Birthday Update’ to Improvise by Bringing Images and Video to the Fore

For Google’s twentieth birthday celebration, it’s getting some huge changes. Inquiries are going to incorporate some new results, for example, Featured Videos, and in addition a determination of a portion of its AMP Stories when you search. Furthermore, Google Lens will head Images results, which will give you a chance to tap on a picture to perceive what Google believes is the most “fascinating” some portion of each photo. The

After 20 Years of Inception, Google to Appear More Like Social Media Rather than SERP

Google arrived 20 years back with its first Search engine, engineered from a garage, today has seven products that are utilized by over a billion people each month. The innovation of the web at the time implied that you could find where a site page links to simply by perusing its code; however the best way to discover where it is connected from is to see it connected to from

Third-part Developers Allegedly Receive Permission from Google to Scan Gmail Accounts

According to an international news company’s recent update, third-party app developers have been given the permission by Google to scan through Gmail accounts of users. Until today, the search engine giant has been assuring users of the security and privacy of their personal data. While it has not yet commented on the update, those users who have signed up for shopping price comparisons and other email-based services may have their

Future of Technology and its Unpredictability with Warren Buffet

Warren Buffett broadly said that it’s substantially simpler to tell what will happen, as opposed to when it will happen. The greater part of us who have been contributing have encountered this direct. From this basic perception it takes after that contributing procedures in light of making sense of `what will happen’ will have a higher achievement rate than those in view of when it will happen. A couple of

False News about Las Vegas Attack Propagated by Google and Facebook

Facebook and Google propagated false news stories asserting that the shooter who murdered more than 50 individuals in Las Vegas was a Democrat who restricted Donald Trump. The misidentification spread quickly from dull corners of the web to standard stages hours after hundreds were harmed at a celebration close to the Mandalay Bay club, the most recent case of phony news contaminating online networking in the midst of a breaking

Siri Switched to Google from Bing by Apple

Apple is swapping the default contractor of its web seeks from Siri, Search inside iOS (once in the past called Spotlight) and Spotlight on the Mac. Along these lines, for instance, if Siri cascades back to a web look on iOS when you make an inquiry, you’re currently going to get Google derives about as opposed to Bing. Refreshed underneath with an announcement from Microsoft. Consistency is Apple’s fundamental inspiration

Google Unveils Android 8.0, officially Names it ‘Oreo’

As is the tradition, Google has titled its latest Android version after a popular treat, this time as ‘Oreo’. Android 8.0 Oreo’s source code will be transferred to servers by Google specialists to the Android Open Source Project, while updates for the supported gadgets of Nexus and Pixel cellular phones are expected to arrive “soon”. The last built up will be sent to gadgets enlisted in the Android Beta Program

Apple to Make Google Pay Up for Remaining Default Engine on iOS

Apple’s iOS device are touted to contribute to almost half of Google’s search revenues of the mobile segment. With such a large contribution, Apple is set to acquire licensing fees from Google, on account of the popularity of the search engine. The deal is predicted to be of almost $3 bn each year, just to remain the default search engine on iOS devices. Back in 2014, Google reported paid $1

Google Instant Search Called Off, Rendered Invalid by Mobile Browsing

Google Instant Search that was phrased as a “fundamental shift in search” in 2010 by then search products vice president, Marissa Mayer, has been removed by the search engine giant. The trend of mobile browsing taking over desktop searches has been anticipated to have killed the value of Google Instant. Once deemed as a time-saving feat of engineering, Google Instant was created to help slow typers with text suggestions below