Facial Recognition

Tuya Smart Introduces Advanced Facial Recognition for Smart Devices

Startup Tuya Smart brought to CES 2019 a new home security system that claims to be able to spot known and not familiar faces. In addition to its long but controversial use in law enforcement and security, facial recognition makes this possible as technology is gaining traction in a range of consumer, automotive, retail and hotel services. Tuya unveils a brand new synthetic housing security (A.I.) system that uses the

Google Denies Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Stop Potential Abusement

In recent months, major tech firms are approaching towards the development of strong policies against facial recognition. Microsoft is leading the way on that front. They are putting stricter policies for greater regulation and requesting fellow companies to follow them. Google SVP Kent Walker confirms the company’s agreement for not selling facial recognition APIs. This action is expected to stop verbal abuse using facial recognition. Facial recognition technology is regarded

Vision-Box to Make Flying More Secure with Facial Recognition at Airports

Self-check in at air terminals makes things a considerable measure less demanding, so you can simply punch in a PNR number and be headed with a ticket. With the usage of another facial recognition framework from Vision-Box, the universal airplane terminal in Bangalore (BLR) will be the main air terminal in India offering travelers a conclusion to-end paperless travel involvement. The thought is that cameras will track fliers faces as