Government Asks Drone Companies to Install Safety Chips For Safe Operations

Drone makers in India will be required to install a ‘shutdown’ featured hardware to ensure complete control during possible mishaps. According to recent reports, drone manufacturers must install a hardware chip which ensures a ‘final check’ for security purposes. The new mandate aims to control rogue drones in case of a drone turning rogue. In a potential case of emergency, the technology would allow security agencies to command the drone

Indian Drone Policy to Delay Commercial Use by Ecommerce Giants Flipkart, Amazon

Drones have a plenty of utilizations, for example, remote reconnaissance, track catastrophic event casualties for save missions or drop help materials, conveyance of merchandise from web based business locales, rural exercises, for example, showering composts or pesticides and sowing seeds among others. Amazon and Flipkart may have to wait a little longer before they can begin their delivery by drone services in India. The government has implemented a regulation on

Zipline Redesigns Drone Delivery System, Improves Capacities

Zipline reported the introduction of its newest generation of autonomous aircrafts which “flies farther, faster and with more cargo than was ever before possible— even in high altitude, heavy wind, or rain,” as quoted form their release. The company earlier showcased some of this technology, but now they are introducing their faster, new drone models that cab travel up to 80 mph, starting from 68 mph. It also includes an