Researchers Develop ‘False Hope’ AI strategy against cyber threats

Researchers at university of Missouri have developed a new Artificial Intelligence system to growing counter cyber-attacks. The strategy aims to protect data stored in clouds by creating a misleading trail for attackers. Ideally, the strategy would buy precious time for digital systems to respond to cyber threats. Online purchases have lured many criminals towards stealing identity, data and other crucial information. The AI based strategy combines the knowledge of psychology

Biggest Data Hacking of All Time

New data protection rules are being implemented by the European Union, which will take effect on May 25, 2018. With these new laws, the people have more control over the way their personal information is utilized online. The rules are being implemented in the wake of scandals involving sloppy personal data protection processes, such as at Facebook where Cambridge Analytica, US-British political research firm, was capable of harvesting the data