India Leaps Ahead of Key Industrial Regions in Adoption of Automation, Reveals Study

Automation isn’t really a new activity in India, however it is genuinely recent. However, it would appear that we’ve demonstrated exactly how proficient we are at applying it to the professional workplace. In a scholarly study led by Goldsmiths at the University of London, it rose that India is first on the planet in driving Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based innovations. The examination, “Augmented Human Enterprise”,

Is IoT End-to-End Solution for Everything from Household Chores to Mishaps?

Technologically driven era is remarkably changing the pattern of living that have been adopted by human till date. The main drive for this change will be ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. Technology is now the driving force in almost all the sectors, where automation has influenced majorly the industrial sector. Now, the time is to inhabit automation in our homes, where everything will be interconnected justifying to the concept of smart

Robo-Advisors Taking Automation in Digital Banking to Next Level

The emergence of robo-advisors is considered as a disruptive force destined to transform the investment banking industry. Robo-advisors, also called robo-investors, are online portfolio management solutions and form the next big innovation in the area of digital banking and investment. Triggered by gains of significant cost-savings, a number of financial advisory firms are betting big on the deployment of robo-advisors to offer investment advice in the best interest of their