This Algorithm Promises to Safeguard Your New Credit Card

Did you know that electromagnetic radiation and variations of power in your digital setup box or credit card can be used to hack them? Not to worry, researchers at the University of Wyoming and the University of Cincinnati (UC) have found an algorithm to seal this loophole. The aim for designing devices like credit cards, smart keys, and cable boxes was to deliver efficiency while the security took a hit.

Algorithm that Corrects Multiple Flaws of an Image by Using Artificial Neural Networks

Digital images are playing an important role in communicating information to humans. For instance, medical scans are life saving and photo camera snapshots preserve wonderful memories. However, digital images have many flaws. They are subjected to blurriness, missing pixels, grainy noise, and color corruption. Computer scientists from the University of Maryland have designed an algorithm which makes use of artificial neural networks so as to apply wide range of fixes

New Algorithm to Enhance Performance of Robots

A speedy collision detection algorithm is likely to improve the performance robots that would now act more like a human assistant at home or in operating rooms. Electrical engineers of the University of California San Diego have come up with a program called ‘Fastron’. This algorithm, Fastron, runs 8 times faster than the prevailing algorithms of collision detection. Applications of Fastron The team that is led by a computer and