AI Technology

Self-Driving Cars Gear Up to Predict Foot Traffic

Self-driving cars and AI technology are making headlines around the world. However, the technology is yet to fulfill its promise to millions at large. Soon, researchers from University of Michigan (UMich) could change that. UMich researchers are studying human body symmetry, gait, and foot movement. They are using GPS, onboard cameras in vehicles, LiDAR to gather data. The data is then fed into a 3-D computer stimulation program to recreate

Researchers unveil Adaptive Virtual Organisms of the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world to frontiers where stuff of legends that Hollywood movies are made of, seems possible today. A team of researchers from University of Bucharest have developed something similar. They have created a virtual organism, which combines reconfigurable hardware agents, abstract intelligent thinking, and adaptive software agents. This research combines entities that have puzzled and intrigued scientists for ages. For example, psychology often aims to

AI Technology Now to Be Self-Sourced by Tesla into Their Cars

Tesla needs to manufacture everything in-house. The organization has declared that it is building its own AI chips which determination the self-driving vehicles without bounds. The self-driving innovation is to be utilized as a part of Tesla’s Model 3, Model X and Model S Autopilot frameworks, and as per Musk, it will give its self-ruling vehicles extra preparing power. Tesla Director Pete Bannon clarified the new chip – which will