3D Printing

Researchers Come Up with Novel Method for 4D Printing for Ceramics

With everything from completely working 3D-printed homes and monstrous structures like 3D-printed steel spans entering the domain of building abilities, new and dynamic outline ideas are rising each day. 4D printing is traditional 3D printing joined with the extra component of time as the fourth measurement, where the printed articles can re-shape or self-gather themselves after some time with outside boosts, for example, mechanical power, temperature, or an attractive field.

Longer Lasting Smart Phone Batteries Now Possible Due to 3D Printing

Designers in the US have built up a 3D printing strategy that could prompt inconceivably enhanced limit and charge-release rates for lithium-particle batteries. In a joint effort with the Missouri University of Science and Technology, the group would 3d be able to print a microlattice structure that enhances the limit and charge-release rates of lithium-particle batteries. Rahul Panat, an associate professor of mechanical building at Carnegie Mellon University, and a

New Technology Enables Printing 3-D Electronics on Skin

A recent research conducted by a team from the University of Minnesota made use of a tailor-made, cheap 3D printer to print electronics on human hand. This was a first. The brand new temporary sensors pasted on the body could enable soldiers on the battleground to sense biological or chemical agents. It can also detect solar cells for charging essential electronics. The team of researchers also printed biological cells on

LSEV Represents Bolder Scale of 3D Printing for Automobiles

Polymaker and X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) have made an announcement in a joint press conference that they have developed the first 3D-printed electric car that is mass-producible. The 3D printing material firm had provided materials for different parts of the car created by the Italy-based electric car company named LSEV. Ideal for easy parking, the automobile carries the look of an around-town car. The anticipated cost of the car may

New Printer to Birth Host of 4D Products Capable of Reshaping the World

Presented at the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) 255th National Meeting & Exposition, a powerful printer has been developed by researchers that could fast-track the usage of 4D printing in industries such as medicine and aerospace. The formation of self-assembling structures is expected to be streamlined with the use of this printer. These structures are the ones that could change shape due to exposure to stimuli such as heat. H. Jerry