Symantec’s Threat Isolation Technology to Stand in Way of Email Attacks

Symantec’s Threat Isolation Technology to Stand in Way of Email Attacks

The Symantec booth is seen during the 2016 Black Hat cyber-security conference in Las Vegas

Symantec, a cybersecurity giant, announced on Wednesday the introduction of a novel solution based on threat isolation technology. Its new solution is able to protect end-user devices from advanced email attacks. In a statement recently made by the company, the solution named ‘Email Threat Isolation’ blocks ransomware attacks, account takeover, credential theft, and spear phishing to protect users. Modern email attacks that have been increasing at a high rate in the current cloud generation can be stopped in their tracks with the use of the email security solution integrated with threat isolation technology.

Cloud-based Nature of Technology to Help Organizations Recover Quickly

Symantec CEO, Greg Clark said that messaging still remains the primary vector for scams and malware within the organization, although the industry has taken some significant efforts to identify and arrest email-borne threats. Clark continued saying that inherent risks within messaging applications can be substantially reduced with the help of the revolutionary threat isolation technology that easily and quickly isolates all external and internal malicious email content.

According to users of the technology, a secure remote execution environment is created between them and malicious content to isolate threats. Web traffic from doubtful URLs are sent to this environment by the technology where all malicious activities are confined, and only the content’s safe visual representation is delivered to the user. As per Symantec’s statement, such sites are rendered in read-only mode by the solution, so as to avoid the disclosure of corporate credentials and other sensitive information through the hands of unsuspecting employees.

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