Study Examines Feasibility of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

Study Examines Feasibility of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft


Despite advances in technologies, we have to long way to go for the commercial airplanes based on fossil fuel and batteries. A recent feasibility study by the University of Illinois explored the potential of fuels or batteries and reduction in the carbon dioxide emission.

Phillip Ansell, assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering in the College of Engineering, explained the process. He added that in the energy supply is following the expression – ‘well to wake.’ This phrase means that fuel generation starts at the oil well and finishes at the wake of the plane.

Track of expenses and environmental impact of this whole lifecycle are imperative. In addition, the other suggestions for fuel and energy generation are different based on the sources.

Within the study, the researchers studied advances that required for a hybridized design. They found that this could be achievable by meeting a specific range necessity to lower the carbon discharges. The net carbon emission determined by a blend of fuel consumes and the carbon power related with energizing the batteries.

Benefits of Hybrid Airplanes


Lowering carbon emission levels will benefit the environment. In addition, it will help to lower dependency over fossil fuels.

By lowering the fuel consumption, the pressure on electrical network will increase to some extent for charging the battery, he added. However, improving performance of batteries will benefit the electricity network.

The investigation looked at the relative CO2 discharges delivered per kilowatt-hour for every individual state over the U.S. It incorporates a guide of the US with estimations of carbon delivered per unit of vitality.

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