Strengthening Airport Security through AI Footstep Recognition System

Strengthening Airport Security through AI Footstep Recognition System


Airport security systems play a pivotal role in speeding up the immigration process at airports. These systems use fingerprinting or eye-scanning in order to identify with individuals who are undertaking domestic or international travel. A research conducted by the researchers at University of Manchester and University of Madrid has introduced a new development to airport security systems. The researchers have devised a unique system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track the walking pattern of individuals on a pressure pad and get time-based data through an individual’s footsteps. The system had an extremely high success rate that almost tended towards 100%.

Basis of Research

The most commonly used systems at airport security booths include fingerprint machines, retinal scans, facial recognition, and physical biometrics. However, the researchers were determined to find the utility served by gait recognition technologies that relied on a person’s movements. The researchers used several human models and few real users to gauge the effectiveness of AI-enabled footstep-recognition systems. Airports security checkpoints, homes, and workplaces were used to test the integrity of the new system in order to be precise, accurate, and multifaceted in approach. One of the lead researchers stated that every person’s movements have 24 different parameters that give a separate line of motion for each individual. Hence, the new system is similar to retinal scans and fingerprinting that is currently used across airports.

Future of Research

It is anticipated that the use of footstep-based system would help in saving time and might even be more accurate during airport security. However, the adoption of the new system would only take place over a period of time.

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