Steps to help you move your website to a new hosting provider

If you are less than satisfied with the services being offered by your current hosting provider, then you don’t need to stick with it. There are plenty of web hosts out there that are reliable and offer top notch services.

While there are certain steps involved with moving to a new web host it isn’t hard to do, you just need to make sure everything is done correctly with the move. Depending on how your website is set up, if you don’t do the migration correctly it could result in loss of data or other problems.

Even before you contemplate migrating to a new host, you must first select the host with great care. In the beginning, you can sign up for basic plans and upgrade as you wish at a later stage. Given below are some important steps that you need to follow to ensure that the transition is a smooth one.

Find a reliable web hosting provider:

This is a no brainer and the first step to moving your website to a different host. You need to ensure that you read numerous reviews of people who have been using a hosting service that you are contemplating to buy. Relying solely on reviews is also not an option; there are several factors you will have to review like downtime issues, disk space as also the customer support offered by them in order to make the right choice. Once you are absolutely firm about the web hosting service that you want to sign up with, you must create an account with that company.

Create a backup:

This is where the tricky part begins. After you have signed up with your new host, you will be required to create a backup of existing content on your blog or website currently being hosted on your old web host provider. This backup will ensure that you do not lose any files during the transfer process. If you have a website on, you can easily create a backup by downloading the.xml file under the import option and then exporting it on the website thus created with your new host. However, things get tricky in case of other types of transfers wherein you will be required to make changes to the MySQL and wp-admin.php database. The customer support at your new web hosting service should help you through this step should you face any issues.

Point the DNS servers of your domain name to the new hosting provider:

Usually, when you change the web host, your domain name’s IP address is also going to change and therefore, if you want the Google bots to crawl your newly migrated website, you will have to make changes to the DNS so that they point to the IP address of your new website, which will tell Google and the other search engines as to where they can find your newly migrated website. This is a very crucial step in the hosting migration process and whether you select one of the basic plans or a more advanced one, you must make sure that your domain’s DNS points out to your new hosting provider. This can take from 15-20 minutes to 48 hours depending on your domain registrar.

Upload your website to your new hosting account:

In this stage you will need to upload your website files to your new hosting account. In most cases your web host will have a FTP uploader that you can use if your files are .htm based. If you are uploading a WordPress site or run into difficulty contact your new hosting provider. In most cases they can either do the transfer for you or walk you through doing it. In most cases it is a pretty easy process. If they can’t do so, you can hire someone to transfer your website files for you using a service like ODesk.

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