Solid State Batteries Marked Advancement over Lithium-Ion Batteries

Solid State Batteries Marked Advancement over Lithium-Ion Batteries


Solid state batteries are proving to be excellent substitute for lithium-ion batteries. In recent years, the new technology has gained prominence among numerous consumer devices for providing safe, low-cost, and powerful power storage. With the advent of solar panel systems and electric vehicles, the demand for higher energy density is getting more intense.

In a recent paper titled “Alternative strategy for a safe rechargeable battery”, a team of researchers headed by John Goodenough, a member at The University of Texas at Austin, elaborates on the potential of the new battery technology and its superiority over traditional power storage. The paper was published in the Journal of Energy and Environmental Science in February, 2017.

New Technology to Substantially Improve Power Storage by Overcoming Constraints 

The adoption of solid state batteries developed and its consequent preference is likely to driven by their several benefits, believes the team of researchers. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, these batteries use solid-electrolytes, therefore minimizing the risk of explosion. Able to offer high-conductivity at very low temperatures, these can function in regions having sub-zero climate. 

Proving Promising for Power Storage for Electric Cars and Next-Generation Phones 

The researchers at University of Texas have demonstrated that the new battery can offer at least three times better energy density than a lithium-ion battery available currently. The feature is particularly useful for electric vehicles for augmenting their driving range. Furthermore, they allow for a number of charging and discharging cycles, a key factor boosting their shelf-lives. 

In addition, these are expected to be cheaper than lithium-ion batteries, which will drive its adoption in a number of consumer electronics, particularly smartphones. 

According to some media reports, prominent phone maker Samsung and noted car maker Toyota have already upped their ante by working on developing solid-state batteries for their soon-to-be launched advanced smartphones and electric cars respectively.