Social Media Event Tool Tips On How To Ensure Your Event Is Well Attended

Picture the scene: you’ve hired out a myriad of expensive activities and live acts for your latest event. You have bands, donkey rides and bouncy castles at the ready, but an hour into the actual event and hardly anybody has showed up! What can you do? Well, sadly it is probably too late to do anything of real value at this point. But you can do a heck of a lot more when you prepare for your next live event. This article underlines how valuable social media marketing can be when you want to avoid this type of disaster in future!

The Facts

Social media certainly has the world’s attention and is definitely the way to promote your event. Over half of the world’s internet users are now on social media, and that figure is climbing by the hour. Social media platforms accounts for 25% of the time people are on the internet. The largest proportion of social media activity is centralized around engaging with other individuals and communities. Essentially it is the best way to market or promote any type of public or corporate event.

How To Deal With An Event Using Social Media?

Although there are many approaches that can be applied, you can break down the basics into 3 separate stages:

  • Launching the campaign
  • Managing the campaign
  • Optimization

Let’s Get Started!

Treat your event as a ‘brand’ if you really want it to be brought to everyone’s attention. Assuming that you have the date, time and place already sorted out, and then create a page dedicated to this happening. You only need to do this on a single platform and you can link your other profiles to this site. It’s a great idea to use Foursquare to assign a check-in location for the big day/night. Social media users love to be ‘seen’ going places and this ensures that they will be. Create a Hashtag on Twitter and tweet to your heart’s content about this awesome get together! Facebook should be used for invites as well as a fan page for the details. LinkedIn is great for more formal invitations to business colleagues.

Branding and Optimization

As well as creating a Hashtag for the event, why not design a brand log for all to see? Use the Hashtag to create an online feed and monitor this regularly to update and get feedback about the event. Offer incentives for the earliest ‘check-in’s and arrange for some freebies such as T-shirts for the most shares of your event. A live stream is another excellent promotional tool that ensures non-attendees can also join in. Use your ‘invites’ feature to gauge the predicted turn out and try to cater for at least 20% extra on the day.

The Event Is Here!

You can continue to manage the event with social media on the big day itself. Remember to set up a check-in location for your Foursquare feature and get somebody with video skills to capture everything for the live feed. Continue to update the media pages as the event progresses and try to respond to any questions that pop up as the day unfolds.

Socially Successful?

If you follow these tips you should have a very memorable event indeed! Remember to always keep in touch with the attendees after the event and make a note of any extra features you can use for your next one – Good Luck!

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