New Technology in Sports: Stadiums of the Future with IoT, AI and VR

New Technology in Sports: Stadiums of the Future with IoT, AI and VR

Why Smart Stadiums?

Screaming fans and the thrill of a big win will never go out of style but modern fans are expecting more than the basics. Around the world new stadiums are being built to serve the needs of tech-savvy fans into their designs. With all the technological upgrades happening at stadiums across the world, connectivity may bringing you closer to your favourite sports.

Designing the Stadium’s Technology Solution

Technologies like IoT, AI and VR are making major changes to how fans consume events in the stadium. Here are a few IoT based things that came to mind, which may making the stadiums smart such as Beacons, Smart devices, Smart Seats, Hawkers, Intelligent Camera’s, Personal Trackers, Smart Parking, IoT connected Lighting, Smart display, Smart building and last but not least internet connectivity by using Li-Fi.

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Solar Energy for Sport Future

Adding yet another feather to its cap, with the green power the stadium would be able to save its electricity bill and just think, if we can power football Sunday with clean energy, we can power just about anything.

Security of the Smart Stadium

The security of the smart stadium has been built in at a number of steps to ensure the integrity of the data captured at the every edge, processed by the connected devices and transmitted to the cloud.

New Trend: Li-Fi in Smart Stadium

The Li-Fi technology offers data transfer at high speed by usinf LED light source due to the presence of lesser interferences and availability of large bandwidth over the network. In the future we will not only have flood light in stadium, we may have LiFi’s deployed on stadium for a cleaner, greener and brighter future for the sport.

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Want to Invest?

In order to invest in Smart Stadium, all you need to figure out is which companies are investing money in the market which are Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu, GP Smart Stadium, NEC Corporation.