Smart Connected Operations: Capturing the Business Value of IIoT

Smart Connected Operations: Capturing the Business Value of IIoT

Smart Connected Assets: Making the Industrial Internet of Things Real

The Internet of Things has become a globally adoptive technological solution which has shown a significant shift from the academic circles to various other industry. Enterprises, nowadays have become acquaintance to IoT and have enabled it as an innovative solution to solve business problems. One such problem where industrial internet of thing(IIot) is applied for the efficient management, monitoring and maintenance of enterprise’s asset and operation.

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Smart Connected Assets: Still New but More on the Plant Floor

Smart connected asset and operation are the devices used by the enterprises to produce and deliver goods and services that can efficiently sense and respond to internal and external environment in a prompt and accurate manner. This means they are aware of and can react to: Design & Configuration, quality and assets performance, Predicted Future Failure and other factors such as demands and requirements by customer. Smart connected asset and operations are developed through convergence of big data analytics and, cloud and mobile technologies that are merging traditional Informational and operational technology.

Industry Drivers: Increase in manufacturing agility, need for cost reduction and energy and requirement for improving performance has driven the smart connected asset and operation market.

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Early adopters already seeing benefits

Since moderately few organizations are moving to Smart Connected Assets why is currently an opportunity to make the speculation? the most convincing reason is that there is basically no premium for advanced gadgets with inalienable availability. For the little level of ground breaking organizations such as Intel Corporation, General Electric International Inc, Bentley systems that have exploited the full Smart Connected Assets opportunity that exists today.